The sector that constitutes approximately 10% of employment in the world’s national income is an important sector for every country. Tourism is a sector that ensures international capital fluidity by increasing foreign exchange inflow, contributes to the national economy by increasing domestic employment, and ensures intercultural interaction around the world.

Due to its geographical location, historical and natural beauties, the tourism sector is an important source of income for Turkey. Turkey has made significant investments in the tourism sector in recent years and is one of the top countries in the world with the number of tourists it hosts. On the other hand, airline cargo and passenger transportation, which has shown great development under the leadership of THY in Turkey, also makes a significant contribution to the sector.

As ELİT, we provide services to many companies in the tourism sector. Some of the services we offer with our expertise resulting from many years of experience are as follows;

• VAT and customs duty exemption for machinery and equipment deliveries to be made within the scope of the incentive certificate

• Temporary property tax exemption for buildings of businesses with tourism establishment certificates

• VAT applications in accommodation and food and beverage services

• Consultancy and audit services for hotel sales