Corporate Finance

In addition to ensuring the continuity of companies, one of the important requirements for their growth, competitiveness and expansion into new markets is the creation of new financial resources. In order to fulfill this requirement in today’s economy, company mergers, acquisitions and partnerships are indispensable elements of business life.


The realization of an effective sale, merger and partnership transaction depends on determining the correct price. While determining your financial resources, we are at your service with our staff who are experts in their field and have the necessary knowledge.


Valuation Services

One of the most important issues for companies today is the problem of creating new resources. One of the easiest and fastest ways to create new resources is to combine your own resources with the resources of others. For this reason, company marriages, which we have been hearing about frequently in recent years, are taking place. A very important study that needs to be done when making decisions about whether a company merges with another company or acquires another company is company valuation. The purpose of this study is to obtain a value that will allow the buyer or seller to make a decision in such a situation.


Acquisition / Merger Services (Due Diligence)

Before making a possible investment decision, potential investors will thoroughly examine the company, instrument and investment vehicle that will be subject to investment, to prevent possible risks and losses. However, it is not possible for investors to carry out these examinations today, both for economic reasons and for lack of sufficient experience.


Especially in globalizing economies, foreign capital inflow is at high levels. High capital inflow brings about purchases, sales and mergers. Determining the risks of the companies to be acquired or merged by independent organizations with sufficient knowledge and experience ensures more economical and more accurate results. The services we offer in this context:


• General information about the company and the market in which it operates

• Financial information of the company

• Tax risks of the company

• Legal risks of the company

• Valuations within the framework of local laws and international standards

• Consultancy on company acquisitions, sales and partnerships

• Consultancy on company mergers / divisions