Real Estate and Construction

The construction sector is accepted as the locomotive sector in the economy as it creates demand for many sub-sectors. It is seen that the share of the real estate and construction sector, with its more than 200 sub-sectors, in the gross national product is approximately 30%.

In addition to the demand for housing in our country, which has a dynamic population, infrastructure projects, the demand for qualified housing and offices due to our geological location in an earthquake zone, urban transformation and the demand for residence/investment housing by foreigners make the real estate and construction sector attractive.

Our company provides services by our expert staff to meet the tax and independent audit needs of real and legal persons operating in the real estate and construction sectors. In this context;

  • Consultancy to ensure high returns on investments in the sector,
  • Tax consultancy and certification services regarding real estate purchases and sales
  • Consultancy and audit services for the construction industry
  • Tax calculation and declaration regarding rental income
  • Consultancy and audit services for the establishment of a Real Estate Investment Fund or Real Estate Investment Partnership
  • Consultancy and audit services regarding construction services in return for flat or Revenue Sharing
  • VAT refund services for real estate deliveries subject to a discounted rate
  • Consultancy and certification services regarding exemptions in tax laws
  • Tax advantages for housing building cooperatives
  • Transactions regarding real estate purchases of foreign real and legal persons in Turkey