We define media as all the tools that convey all kinds of entertainment, news, information and education information to people and society through audio or visual means. Sector; It stands out as a source of communication in many fields such as literature, art, sports, science, technology and journalism.

With the advantage of reaching large masses of people, media appears as an element that can influence or even direct the masses through news, sports, films, advertisements, etc. Therefore, media has an indispensable position in modern human life.

With the rapid developments in technology, competition and digital transformation, the sector is experiencing a very rapid transformation and development all over the world. Due to its structure, the sector quickly adapts to technological developments and plays a leading role in using many of these technologies. With the increasing use of smartphones, the target audience of the sector and potential advertising revenues create the opportunity to reach very high turnover.

With this rapid change, many new companies are being established both locally and internationally, and new acquisitions or mergers are taking place. As ELİT, we provide consultancy regarding these transactions and support our customers in tax, independent audit and legal due-diligence studies.

Companies operating in the media sector are subject to the regulation and supervision of the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) and are required to pay a share of their income to RTÜK every year. The accuracy of RTÜK shares is determined by the certified public accountant certification report prepared by us.

As ELİT, we provide support to companies operating in the telecommunications sector in calculating the relevant refund amount, arranging the necessary documents and preparing the related certified public accountant certification report in order to receive a refund of their special communication taxes.

We provide services to many customers in the sector, from advertising, film and TV series producers to print and visual media companies.