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The sworn financial consultants certify that financial statements and tax returns of companies and real persons are prepared in accordance with tax regulations and generally accepted accounting standards and audited in accordance with the standards on auditing. The services provided by us as explained in detail in the regulation is as follows:

• The certification of annual corporate and income tax returns
• The certification of revaluations performed
• The certification of investment incentive amount
• The certification of payment of share capital increases
• The certification of exemptions
• The certification of withholding tax refunds
• The certification of VAT refunds
• The certification of the share of the Supervisory Board on advertising income of radio and television broadcasting companies
• The certification that the share capital increases through internal funds are in accordance with the regulations
• The certification of the existence and maintenance of requirements for tax exemption in charitable foundations

The certification services are being realized by periodical visits to our clients for audits in accordance with the procedures determined by our company. The results and findings of these audit procedures are evaluated together with our clients, and the necessary changes in the accounting records and reporting are made accordingly.

Besides, business and accounting procedures of our clients are evaluated within the context of tax regulations and changes in operations throughout the year. We aim to prevent any problems before they arise.


1 – Continual Tax Consulting Services

Our tax consulting services are being realized by informing and advising our clients on;

• Tax Regulations
• Foreign Exchange Regulations
• Foreign Investment Regulations
• Foreign Investment Regulations
• Turkish Commercial Practice
• Investment Incentive Regulations
• Capital Market Board Regulations
• And other financial legislation

Besides, our clients are informed of changes in the financial regulations mentioned above by means of the tax circulars prepared. If demanded by our clients the related client personnel is informed and trained on the required subject in detail.

2 – International Tax Consultin

For our clients with international business relations or for our clients who want to develop such relations, we produce global solutions and address their needs in the area of international taxation with the expertise of our staff.

As an inseparable part of international taxation, tax treaties to prevent double taxation are carefully analyzed by us to make our clients benefit from any opportunity for tax savings.

3 – Resolution and Support Services in Tax Disputes

In tax disputes arising as a result of inspections and the additional taxes and penalties required by the tax authority, we represent our clients in communications with the tax authority to resolve the disputes. Services provided in case of tax disputes can be summarized as follows:

• To communicate with the related authority whenever needed about the dispute 

• To obtain written explanations from the public authority
• To communicate with the inspectors
• To review inspection reports


We apply the following diagnostic analysis to restructure the companies in terms of taxation and to propose solutions:

• Company Tax Risk Analysis
• Company Restructurings
• Share exchanges
• Financial Analysis


It is very important to analyze and interpret the tax regulations in detail due to their direct impact on the profitability of the companies and due to the complexity of the tax system in application.

The follow-up, interpretation and evaluation of tax regulations outside a professional and corporate entity, result in difficulties in taxation of corporate revenues. For example, companies are faced with the risk of not benefiting from the deductions and exemptions in accordance with the related regulations.

The minimization of tax burden as much as the regulations allow, the restructuring of companies and to determine all possible tax advantages with our professional staff, constitute the frame for our tax planning services.

Our tax planning services include,

• Tax planning within the scope of income tax regulations for sole proprietorships, ordinary partnerships, limited partnerships and collective liability companies
• Tax planning for corporate tax payers and group companies
• Tax planning for corporate tax payers and group companies

a) Tax Planning for Real Persons

Tax regulations in application are also complex and unstable for real persons. Accordingly, real persons may not be able to have an exact and timely information regarding their tax liabilities and they may not benefit from deductions and exemptions in the regulations.

For this reason, we provide individual tax services for the settlement and minimization of the tax obligations of real persons.

b) Tax Planning Services for Companies and Group

An effective tax planning makes it possible for the corporate tax payer companies, to maintain their tax burden at an optimum level. For an effective tax planning all the regulations on taxation and commerce, the court decisions on taxation and other related legal issues, applications in OECD member countries, treaties to prevent double taxation and legislation regarding transfer pricing and tin capitalization should be carefully analyzed. Our experienced staff will help you in making the most effective tax planning.

c) Tax Consulting for Investors

The increase in international investment and trade volume in recent years also increased the need for foreign investors to know the local and for the local investors to know the global risk factors. We fulfill such need in the sector with our experienced staff.

To develop investment projects, require preparation work at global standards. We propose accurate solutions for investors.

Besides, we are well aware of the fact that an investor should be more careful and alert due to the economic and political instability in Turkey and therefore we provide our services accordingly.

We provide services to help the investor to foresee and quantify the investment related risks and to determine the balance between risk and profit.